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A buddy of mine recently posted this on Facebook:

"For anyone thinking of voting for Hillary if she is the nominee. What would be the reasoning behind your vote?"

I am open to other candidates, but unless someone I like better comes along, I will likely vote for Clinton.

My reasoning follows this general pattern for any election choice, this one included:

1) Are they smart?

2) Do I agree with their policies?

None of us were really shocked that Cliven Bundy, a Thief and Freeloader who has become a Conservative Hero, turned out to be incredibly racist. However, his criminal behavior is the most important aspect of the story.

The latest news story in conservative media is about a rancher in Nevada named Cliven Bundy. The conservative media will have you know that Cliven is the victim of the Federal government who has taken his property and taken his freedom.

The Republican Party has become so dysfunctional that their elected politicians are downright afraid to even risk saying Obama is an American and was legitimately elected President. It has truly become a sickness among the GOP that such a reasonable statement cannot even be uttered. Congressional Republicans need to dance around it and play word games simply to avoid admitting Obama is an American and was legitimately elected President.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a.k.a. SNAP, is the technical name for the "Food Stamps" program. The first food programs for the poor were introduced in the late 1930s and those programs are under the authority of the Department of Agriculture. In the 1970s, these food programs were added as part of the regular Farm Bills that go through Congress every 5 years.

Confirmation Bias: a tendency of people to favor information that confirms their beliefs or hypotheses.

Let's say you run a conservative, Republican-supporting, Tea Party Facebook page. You come across a great quote image about how bad secularism is and how good religion is... so you decide to share it with your Facebook followers. Take THAT liberals!

When Barack Obama was re-elected last week, my thoughts quickly turned to how Republicans and Fox News would respond to the loss. I hoped the response would be to break out of the Conservative Thought Bubble. Alas, no, the popular narrative seems to have become that black and brown people just want free stuff. *sigh* This started the very night of the election, even before Obama had won!

Earlier today I wrote about the Conservative Thought Bubble and Rachel Maddow is doing a segment tonight on the very same thing. Unsurprisingly, she is more eloquent than I am. I'll embed video here once it is on her website. She started listing off all of the ridiculous conspiracy theories and Conservative Thought Bubble ideas that simply aren't true.

Many, many people have spoken about the Conservative Media Thought Bubble. Bill Maher. Andrew Sullivan. etc. .. and I know, I know, your response is that there is a Liberal Thought Bubble as well. Ok, let's let's take a look at the premise. I hope that you read this and give it some sincere thought because I think our ability to work together as a nation relies on it. I know this is long, but, Conservatives, please give me a moment of your time. 


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