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Let's do away with this phrase: "Sunlight is the best disinfectant."

It's a great disinfectant, but you know what else does a great job even faster? Caustic chemicals.

But what if you aren't combating bacteria? What if the thing you're trying to disinfect is actually Poison Oak. Then sunlight is exactly what it wants.


I'm grieving over the loss of the America that I thought existed. I know America still struggles against problems with racism and sexism, but I thought we were getting better. I thought the long arc of history was bending toward justice. I thought American ideals were to accept the world's tired, the world's poor, the world's huddled masses yearning to breathe free.

But it's not. And it hasn't been.

A friend of mine who doesn't really follow politics much, but who knows I'm a political junkie, contacted me about a scary headline he saw relating to Hillary Clinton's emails and asked me if it was true. He's awesome. Critical thought and skepticism are sorely lacking today and I give major credit to those who are willing to double-check information.

Here's the big scary headline:

Yesterday, I wrote about how the Wikileaks email dumps aren't actually filled with tons of scandals, but they are just used to generate scandalous headlines. I keep challenging people on Twitter to provide me the big smoking gun. Show me the email that is the most damaging. Show me the email that will finally convince me of the horrible actions of Hillary Clinton.

Take a moment to read this great article, Inside The Strange, Paranoid World Of Julian Assange, from James Ball who was a previous member of Wikileaks.

When Wikileaks was doing targeted releases and working with journalists to ensure the integrity of releases, I felt they were trying to achieve a good goal, even if it came with a price.

Ockham's Razor: The simplest explanation that fits the available facts is generally the correct one.

Trump's Razor: The DUMBEST FUCKING explanation that fits the available facts is generally the correct one.

Example: Trump is constantly sniffling throughout the debate.

Ockham's Razor: He probably had a cold.

The election is in full swing and I struggle to find time to write, but I'm going to try to post a bit more often. The most common sentiment I run into during this campaign, one that I tended to fall victim to myself (to a lesser degree), is the idea that Hillary Clinton is corrupt and that she's dishonest. I ran into the meme to the right earlier today.

I suspect, by now, even Donald Trump has come to the realization that, barring something extraordinary occurring, he is going to lose.

Dear Congresswoman Hahn, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, and Secretary Clinton,

I am a small business owner in Long Beach, CA, I've been a Democrat for decades, and I am an atheist. I am disgusted to see that the DNC has not only violated its neutrality in this year's primary, but, more importantly, I am appalled to discover that the DNC was plotting to use "atheist" as a smear against anyone. The discussion of using religious/non-religious bigotry to win votes is utterly repulsive and a violation of everything this party is supposed to stand for. 


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