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In short, NO.

Ever since the creation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA, aka the ACA aka Obamacare), there have been email forwards screaming about the sky falling because Obamacare created a Real Estate Sales Tax and it was going to tax you all to hell! ZOMG! Here is an exerpt from one of those emails:

So, this is 'change you can believe in'?

Mitt Romney has changed positions several times on what he would do about Obamacare (Afforable Care Act) if elected, but what he said on Meet the Press this week was that he supports repealing parts of it and replacing them with other things. Now, for the record, this is contradictory to his stated support for Issues on his website which explicitly says he supports a "full repeal" of Obamacare which would be replaced by 50 individual state health care reforms...

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