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To finish our vacation, we spent 4 days in beautiful Rome! (at least in the tourist-y part of Rome near Ancient Rome)

After Florence, we made a quick 1-day stop in Pisa. After all, if you're going to tour the country you kind of need to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, right?

The above image is the view from ON TOP of the Leaning Tower. Although the top of the Tower is surrounded by protective gates, so I had to stick my camera through a gap in the fence in order to get that shot. :)

These photos are cheesy, but we figured they were neccessary. :)

After 3 beautiful days in Venice, we hopped on a train to Firenze (Florence). We got into the city during the "dead zone" time of day when almost all of the restaurants are closed. It's a cultural thing, but the restaurants are mostly all closed between 3pm-7pm. After dumping our bags, we made our way out in an effort to find food and get our first glimpse of the city. We stood on a bridge over the River Arno and saw the beautiful view in the above photo.

Our vacation began in Venice! The canals are beautiful, as expected, but the city really doesn't have any streets. Like... no streets. It has alleys. Oh Brother, does it have alleys. They call those alleys "streets" but that is a gross misuse of the word "street." :) We spent three wonderfully lazy days in Venice, just wandering down random streets, seeing the sites and stepping into whatever random restaurant we happened to be standing next to when we were hungry. 


I'm back! You might not know that I was gone, which was by-design for obvious security reasons. :) 

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