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At times in the past, I've discussed with my friends how one is motivated to do things. Where does motivation come from? Or rather, how do you find the motivation to get up and do whatever it is you are trying to do? I like these conversations, because it helps me understand the thinking of others. For me, I don't usually think about finding motivation, but about being determined to make a decision. My thought processes work a little differently. If I make a decision to take an action, I take that action.

Shaun T

Theresa, Trang and I started doing the Insanity workout from Shaun T two weeks ago today. When you start you perform the "Fit Test" where you do a series of exercises and count the number of repetitions you are able to complete in one minute with one minute of rest in between each. Then every two weeks you take the Fit Test again in order to help you track your improvement. So, I'm going to post my status so I have it for the future.



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