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I didn't want to post another article about how faith led to the murder of a bunch more people so soon after posting Islamic Extremism and Paris: Faith Isn't A Fucking Virtue, but here I am.

From the Planned Parenthood Shooter's perspective, his action was rational. This isn't a question of mental illness or insanity. 

He was taught to believe, by faith, that:

This will likely be the most incindiary thing I post on my blog, probably ever. At least, I hope that no situation arises in the future which necessitates doing so. I will be following this up with another blog post in the next few days to talk more about the implications of our current situation, but I leave you with this today. It is the opening of the most recent episode of my favorite podcast, The Scathing Atheist.

Last night was the "Creation Debate" between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham (the guy with the Creationist Museum). I was really worried about this event, because it can be really dangerous to put real science on the same stage with fake, anti-science religious dogma. Some people can't tell the difference and many people were concerned about lending any kind of credence to Ham's sham-science.

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