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Insanity has been too hard on my joints, so I've been rollerblading the last couple of days. I used to rollerblade a lot and it's good to get back into it. I took it easy the first day to make sure my knee was ok, but I've been increasing the distance each day. Today I roller bladed 14.7 miles! I rollerbladed to the Los Angeles River and then down the paved bikepath all the way to downtown Long Beach (well, at least to the Shoreline Dr exit off the 710) and then all the way back!

At times in the past, I've discussed with my friends how one is motivated to do things. Where does motivation come from? Or rather, how do you find the motivation to get up and do whatever it is you are trying to do? I like these conversations, because it helps me understand the thinking of others. For me, I don't usually think about finding motivation, but about being determined to make a decision. My thought processes work a little differently. If I make a decision to take an action, I take that action.

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