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Dear Congresswoman Hahn, Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein, and Secretary Clinton,

I am a small business owner in Long Beach, CA, I've been a Democrat for decades, and I am an atheist. I am disgusted to see that the DNC has not only violated its neutrality in this year's primary, but, more importantly, I am appalled to discover that the DNC was plotting to use "atheist" as a smear against anyone. The discussion of using religious/non-religious bigotry to win votes is utterly repulsive and a violation of everything this party is supposed to stand for. 

A buddy of mine recently posted this on Facebook:

"For anyone thinking of voting for Hillary if she is the nominee. What would be the reasoning behind your vote?"

I am open to other candidates, but unless someone I like better comes along, I will likely vote for Clinton.

My reasoning follows this general pattern for any election choice, this one included:

1) Are they smart?

2) Do I agree with their policies?

Recently Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo spoke out in support of same-sex marriage. I say "Good on him!" 

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